Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Rosen Plumbing Supply Company !!

1) Where are your branch locations, and what are your hours of operation?

Currently, Rosen Plumbing Supply has five branches strategically located throughout the greater Puget Sound region. They are located in Everett, Kirkland, Tacoma, Lacey, and Bremerton. We have showrooms in Kirkland, Tacoma, and Lacey. Our hours of operation for Everett, Kirkland, Lacey & Tacoma branches are from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm & Bremerton from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. The showroom hours vary slightly so please contact the specific showroom for their hours of operation.

2) Where are your Corporate Offices?

Rosen Plumbing Supply’s corporate offices are located at 2920 S. Chandler Street, Tacoma Washington. The phone number is 253-627-3616 and the fax number is 253-627-0534

3) If I am not a plumbing contractor can I buy from Rosen Plumbing Supply?

Yes. Although Rosen Plumbing Supply is a wholesale distributor of plumbing and heating supplies, we do sell to the general public.
Our core business is designed to support plumbing and heating contractors. We do feature extensive inventories of service parts to support not only the repair/service plumber, but also property managers and maintenance personnel for local municipalities, hospitals, and school districts.

4) Does Rosen Plumbing Supply deliver?

Yes. Rosen Plumbing Supply maintains a fleet of delivery trucks to support our customer base. Deliveries are scheduled in advance at each specific branch.

5) If I want to visit one of your showrooms, is it best to make an appointment?

Yes. A scheduled appointment with one of our trained showroom consultants will allow you sufficient time to review the variety of options available. Rosen Plumbing Supply has three designer showrooms ( that have on display the latest innovations from the worlds leading plumbing manufacturers. Whether you are remodeling just one bathroom or your entire home, we feel it is important to give you enough time and attention to select the plumbing products that best fit your design criteria and budget.

6) Does Rosen Plumbing Supply offer an installation service for the products they supply?

No. Rosen Plumbing Supply is a wholesale distributor. For installation please contact a state licensed plumbing contractor.